$4,645 psf is a record high for New Futura

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The condos that reached the new high of psf prices between April 30 and the 5th of May, New Futura topped the list after the sale of a 2,691 square foot four-bedroom house price of $12.5 million, or $4,645 per square foot the 5th of May. This beats the previous record of $4,630 per square foot that was set in May of 2018 when an apartment measuring 7,836 square feet was sold for $36.3 million.

The Myst pdf is known for its excellence in Singapore’s real estate industry. This new condo offers them the opportunity to take advantage of upcoming developments in the area and provide residents unparalleled convenience.

New Futura, situated along Leonie Hill Road, is a luxurious condo developed from City Developments that was completed in the year 2017. It houses 124 units in two 36-storey buildings. The units range from two-bedroom apartments that measure 1,098 sq ft up to four-bedroom units of 2,691 square feet with ceilings that double in volume. There are two penthouses of 7,836 square feet which are located on the highest point on each building.

Hyll on Holland also saw an all-time high in psf prices due to the sale of 105 sq ft three-bedroom unit with study for $3.23 million, or $3,059 per square foot at the beginning of May. The deal beat the previous record of $3,027 which was recorded on March 29 when the 570 square feet unit was sold for $1.73 million.

Hyll On Holland is a freehold development of Far East Consortium International and Koh Brothers Group. It is comprised of six 12-storey blocks that have 319 apartments that comprise two – and three-bedders that range between 570 sq. ft. to 1,055 square feet. Since it was launched in October of 2020 the project has had two hundred and ninety-seven (93%) units taken up for purchase at an average of $2,630 psf in accordance with caveats filed.

Hyll on Holland Hyll on Holland is situated in Holland Road in prime District 10. It’s a short drive from Holland Village. Holland Village cluster of shops and restaurants, which includes malls such as Raffles Holland V as well as Holland Road Shopping Centre, both located on Holland Avenue. The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

Another project that set an all-time high in psf prices was The Landmark in the Outram region. The developer has sold a one-bedroom apartment with 495 square feet at the top of 30th level at $1.41 million ($2,856 per square foot) in April. This is higher than the previous high of $3,837 per square foot recorded on January 8, when a 495 sq ft unit purchased at $1.41 million ($2,847 per square foot).

The Landmark is situated next the Pearl Hill City Park in District 3, The Landmark is jointly owned by MCC Land, ZACD Group and SSLE Development. The 99-year leasehold development is expected to be completed in 2025. The Landmark will include one – to three-bedroom apartments ranging between 495 sq ft and 1,141 square feet. Chinatown MRT Station, situated on the Downtown and NorthEast Lines, is located in a walk of 10 minutes from the property, and Chinatown Point at New Bridge Road and UE Square at Clemenceau Avenue are also close by.

In addition, Twin Regency is the third development that set a new record for psf prices during the time in review. On May 2, a three-bedroom home that was 1,216 square feet was purchased at $2.5 million, establishing an all-time high of $2,051 per square foot. This was higher than the previous record of $2,011 per square foot recorded following an auction of 1,442 sq. ft apartment in April for $2.9 million in April. This is two times Twin Regency has seen a unit that was sold at a price of more than $2,000.

Jointly constructed jointly by UOL Group and Low Keng Huat the freehold project is situated on Kim Tian Road, off Tiong Bahru Road, in District 3. It was completed in 2007. includes 234 apartments and homes comprised of three and four-bedroom apartments that range from 980 sq ft up to 1,841 sq ft, and penthouses that range from 2,121 sq ft up to 3,455 sq feet.

There were no new lows in the psf-price index recorded during the time period of the review.

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