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JLL has been appointed by JLL Elke Kornalijnslijper as its head of sustainability consulting in Asia Pacific. She is stepping down from her previous position as JLL’s director of sustainability and energy solutions to Southeast Asia. Based in Singapore she is responsible for providing sustainable solutions and advice to JLL’s clients in Asia Pacific and managing a team comprised of 100 sustainability experts in 11 regional markets.

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A press release that announces the appointment of Kornalijnslijper, JLL declares that Kornalijnslijper will assist JLL’s occupier as well as investor clients to discover gaps potential, risks and gaps in the existing sustainability strategies that are used throughout their portfolios of real estate. Kornalijnslijper will also oversee an expansion in JLL’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings services throughout the region, which includes an array of solutions that address the aging strategies for real estate portfolios retrofitting projects to current developments, energy optimization and other value-added consulting services like reporting, certification, and compliance.

“Within the context of construction, sustainability offers one of the most significant opportunities for growth both for clients as well as JLL and is set to become a vital service for investors and occupiers in the future as they develop and implement goals and strategies that are net zero,” says Susheel Koul Director of Work Dynamics, CEO, Asia Pacific, JLL.

Kornalijnslijper started her career at JLL in January 2022 when JLL was founded. Before that, she served as the director of strategy and research and development at SP Digital, part of the utility provider SP Group.

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