The land size of the freehold two-story bungalow at 22 La Salle Street is 11,050 sqft, and its built-up area is 19,000 sqft

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A freehold property located at 22 La Salle Street which is located near Frankel Avenue in District 15 It is currently on the market with the estimated price of $22million or $1,991 per square foot of the land.

The house is located on an 11,050 sq feet site. It’s situated in an elevated location which allows the upper levels of the home to enjoy unobstructed views of the surrounding area. Based on caveats that were lodged in the land, the owners bought the property in May 2007 for $7.72 million ($699 per square foot).

The owners demolished the house that was originally situated on the site which was a two-story detached house that was built in the early 2000sand built a brand new bungalow that has an attic and basement. It was completed in the year 2015 and includes a built-up area of 19,000 square feet. The home was developed in the hands of Khairudin Saharom, the principal as well as director at Kite Studio Architecture, who is in the URA’s “20 under 45” list of the most promising architects. The house features six bedrooms with en suite bathrooms with a master bedroom located on the attic floor. The house also houses the option of a private cinema, numerous family rooms, as well as helpers’ quarters, an elevator and an auto porch that can accommodate up to eight cars.

“Given the house’s recent completion as well as its contemporary style, the new owner should only do a little preparation prior to moving in” states Tan Hong Boon, executive director of JLL Capital Markets. The new owner will reduce the cost of renovation and move in faster. “Building an entirely new home with this size would cost a lot of money today’s cost of construction and could easily take longer than a year or perhaps two years to finish, during which you might have to buy a different house,” he adds.

22 La Salle Street sits within Frankel Estate which is a private residential enclave of land located in the highly sought-after Siglap district in District 15. Recent sales within the estate comprised of detached homes situated on smaller plots that are lesser than 10,000 sq feet. A detached home located on Ettrick Terrace with a land area of 4,068 sq feet was purchased to a buyer for $6.9 million ($1,696 per square foot). In December an unattached house located on a 4,461 square foot site located along Frankel Street fetched $8.5 million and $1,906 per square foot. In the following month, the bungalow located at Siglap View with a land area of 7,945 sq feet was purchased at $13.94 million ($1,754 per square foot).

The most recent sale of an unattached house that had an area of more than 10,000 sq feet in Frankel Estate occurred on September 20, 2021. The house situated on Siglap Road was sold for $10.5 million ($872 per sq ft) in relation to the 12,046 square feet land area. A detached residence situated on Siglap Bank with a land area of 11,186 sq feet was auctioned off for $12.3 million ($1,100 per sq ft). The home located on Siglap Road was built in 1999 and the one on Siglap Bank was completed in 1973. Brilliance Capital’s CEO and founder Sammi Lim said that the properties are likely to be transformed to create new homes, noting that the prices of psf transactions are based on the land value.

However, Lim says the La Salle Street property is likely to attract owners-occupiers looking for an all-generational residence. “This property is perfect for families that live within the East but would like to expand their home into a larger property with a larger lot within the same area,” she adds.